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Featured in Vogue US’ May 2014 issue was Tim Walker’s reincarnation of Cecil Beaton’s 1948 spread of Charles James’ gowns. Walker’s portrayal of the iconic shoot featured models such as Sasha Luss, Ola Rudnicka, and Codie Young among others.

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Fuck I’m walking downtown and I pass a group of guys staring at me and I think “great catcall time” but then one guy goes “you look like you could kill a man a million different ways with just your bare hands”. This. This is an acceptable comment to give a girl on the street.

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"I can’t explain it but when I’m with you, I feel so alive."

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Library Porn

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

This is like the real life library from Beauty and the Beast

Wow so rare to see a library with a light color scheme.

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#favourite harry potter headcanons

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"Most of our childhood is stored not in photos, but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet."

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